Leading a strategic quality system requires particular skills.

My  'Six Strategic Quality System Manager and Director Must Have Skills' 

show what it takes to lead a quality system to the next level. 


You're obviously committed to being the best QI leader you can be and the 'Must Have' Skills

are designed to help you do just that.


Quality systems that focus only on incidents, audit and training are not enough to get your organisation to providing consistently high quality care.  For that you need a strategic approach - and those who lead the system must build their expertise to support it.  Six strategic skills are required - and this one page overview outlines exactly what these are. 


Building these skills improves your quality system effectiveness 

- and helps you design a development path to evolve your own quality professional expertise and career.


And my other resources are designed to help you to build and apply these skills - see more at: www.cathybalding.com



Get the 'Six Strategic Skills'