for Boards and Executives:


Clinical Governance with Purpose


Clinical governance can be a series of tasks with little return on investment - or the foundation of your strategy for high quality care.


If your board and executive are going round in clinical governance circles, and would rather be moving together towards a common care and service quality destination, SCG coaching may be for you!

Strategic Clinical Governance Coaching is my deep dive online board and executive interaction.


Over a 3.5 hour live online session, I'll work with your board and executive to develop an approach to clinical governance that leads you from strategic plan quality care promise to operational reality. Together you'll develop a common language and purpose for leading and governing strategic clinical governance that has a positive impact at point of care.


The session also has a tangible outcome: you'll walk away with a first cut strategic quality and clinical governance framework for your organisation, for you to further develop and implement. 


3.5 hour online session 

You'll get on the same page about clinical governance and developing a strategic clinical governance system: we'll agree a common CG understanding and language, link your strategic plan quality objectives with point of care, agree quality goals and roles, and identify key clinical governance systems required for high quality care and services, including where standards fit.

First-cut Strategic Clinical Governance Framework

You'll create the bones of a first cut clinical governance framework as we progress through the session: that you can take away and further develop; including essential implementation steps derived from the evidence and experience of what works.


Want more purpose in your clinical governance?

Workshop cost is $3,300 (incl GST)

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