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The Quality System Roadmap

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This is about re-framing what we know, moving away from tick box exercises to action where it counts – at the point of care. Anyone working in quality and/or leadership roles will find this information invaluable. It provides clarity of purpose and the importance of role specificity for consistently great care every time.

I have worked with hundreds of staff and clients on the strategic quality system and find that this method brings quality to life. To many, quality is seen as the Quality Manager's responsibility.  The Quality System Roadmap demonstrates everyone’s specific responsibility for great care, every person, every time.

 Found it easy to follow - the information  was  presented in a practical and logical way.   Cathy’s enthusiasm and passion is infectious.

Anyone  involved in designing or rolling out a clinical governance framework in a health related industry – with the vision of improving care - would benefit from this course.

The Quality System Roadmap is an excellent resource for organisations and individuals striving to provide great care. It emphasises the role that all members of a health organisation play in achieving this, from the patient to board level. The Roadmap provides a strategic framework to guide quality care for every person, every time."


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NOTE: Great care for every person, every time, is a challenge to achieve in the complexity of health, aged and human services.   QSR is a proven system when implemented with commitment and persistence, and it is important to note that your success will depend on the way the information is applied.