The Quality System Roadmap

The complete consumer-focused, step by step strategic quality system builder

for health, aged and human services 


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The Quality System Roadmap (QSR) is designed to help you:

  • Develop your quality leadership expertise 


    The Roadmap is your GPS for leading others to great care.  No other course leads you through the why, what and how of an effective, consumer-focused quality system, step by step, building your strategic quality system 'kit' as you go.   Great quality systems that achieve great care in the complexity of human services must be specifically designed and implemented for success. The QSR synthesises best practice and experience into a clear path to creating great point of care and service experiences, so you can focus your efforts on what's important and what gets results. 


    Built into the Roadmap are my best tips and tactics for engaging staff,  change,  measurement, and integrating compliance and clinical governance with quality and safety.


  • Master a strategic quality system that works in any service


    Three of the biggest roadblocks to making great care business as usual are: a lack of understanding that there is a more strategic way - and how to make it happen; a  'tick-box' mindset; and inconsistent approaches between practitioners and departments.


    The Roadmap shows you how to navigate these - and other - barriers to success in any health, aged or human service.  The principles and practices are all about creating great point of care and service experiences with every consumer - in any sector and in any size service, department or organisation.  The strategic quality system has been tested in all of them!


    The strategic approach helps you to identify and build on the best of what you do, raise the bar on mediocre and poor care and make compliance an enabler - not an end in itself. The Roadmap integrates your current standards, governance, audits and other tools with the strategic quality and clinical governance system you'll develop through the course, all focused on creating great point of care experiences.


    And once you get it, you've always got it! The Roadmap is a complete step by step quality system kit that you can use right now for your current leadership role - and into the future.

The Quality System Roadmap

I'm pleased to bring you my complete strategic quality system - for the first time in an online course - including some tips and tactics I've never taught in a live workshop!


Over five video modules, you'll develop your toolkit - and start applying it - to build a strategic, point of service and care-based quality system, including:

  • Six Actions: steps to designing a quality system that gets real results for consumers and staff
  • Six Accelerators: my best tools (some I've never shared before) and tactics to drive successful implementation


The Actions cover the essentials of design, engagement and planning; and the Accelerators give you my best tools, tactics and templates to drive implementation towards great care as business as usual. 


See below for what some of the QSR course 'road testers' think!







What You Get in the QSR Course



Purchase the Quality System Roadmap Course for $197 (plus GST), using the checkout below, and receive:

  • over two hours of my best content across five video modules taught by me.  None of the videos within each module is longer than 20 minutes, making them ideal for watching in meetings, handover and breaks
  • access to your own membership site, where the modules will drop weekly
  • step by step demonstration of my strategic quality system, used by organisations across health, aged and human services to achieve great point of care experiences for every person, every time
  • the essential roadmap direction and actions to take to get from where you are now to where you want your care and service quality to be 
  • my best accelerator tools for implementation success; and one module dedicated to understanding, collecting and reporting data to monitor and drive great care  (some of which I've never taught in live workshops)
  • weekly 'first step' challenges that let you test what you've learned, and start building your quality system and expertise right away
  • how to integrate your current system and compliance requirements
  • and...
  • Resource pack downloads to go with the course:
  1. Complete slide deck pdf
  2. 'Remember this!' key points worksheets you can download and fill in for each module
  3. The eBook version of my fiction book The Point of Care that tells the story of a leader who uses the QSR to rescue a health service with multiple quality, governance and culture challenges
  4. My One Page Quality System Performance Assessment Tool
  5. The Strategic Quality System Model graphic
  6. Certificate of Completion.


The course modules are available to you to use for your own reference and refresher, and also as a teaching and professional development tool with your team and organisation.  Any updates I add to the course during that time are completely free.


Over the five modules you'll master a complete strategic, consumer-focused quality system, including: planning, leading implementation, measurement and reporting, governance - and most importantly, how to engage consumers and staff in the process so they want to be a part of it!





  • Course overview and key results an effective quality system should achieve
  • Action 1: Painting a picture of the care and services you want to be known for 
  • Accelerator 1: My 'secret' recipe' for defining great care - and turning that into concrete goals and actions
  • 'First step' challenge for the week
  • Action 2: Constructing a strategic quality and clinical governance framework
  • Accelerator 2: My generic strategic quality and clinical governance framework structure
  • 'First step' challenge for the week
  • Action 3: Piloting the framework
  • Accelerator 3: My 'turbo-change' model designed to guide you through the people and process change process and get it right the first time! 
  • Action 4: Developing the implementation plan
  • Accelerator 4: How to cultivate a mindset for success in your team and organisation
  • 'First step' challenge for the week
  • Measurement Module: how to track your roadmap progress and the outcomes you're achieving, including real-time and retrospective data collection
  • Includes proven tips on reporting to committees, executives and the board to support quality goal moniotoring and acheivement
  • Action 5: Putting the plan into practice
  • Accelerator 5: My DKRS model for empowering staff to own the pathway to great care
  • Action 6: Promoting and promulgating progress through robust governance and systems
  • Accelerator 6: My best tips for leading your team and organisation so they want to come with you 
  • 'First step' challenge for the week

Resource Pack downloads

  • Complete slide deck pdf
  • 'Remember this!' key points worksheets you can download and fill in for each module
  • The eBook version of my fiction book The Point of Care that tells the QSR implementation story! 
  • My One Page Quality System Performance Assessment Tool
  • The Strategic Quality System Model graphic
  • Certificate of Completion.


Here's what some QSR Road Testers think!

Leonie Cross 

​Group Manager Quality and Safety,

Silver Chain

This is about re-framing what we know, moving away from tick box exercises to action where it counts – at the point of care. Anyone working in quality and/or leadership roles will find this information invaluable. It provides clarity of purpose and the importance of role specificity for consistently great care every time.

Anne Maddock

General Manager, Clinical Governance 

Community Support Inc. 

I have worked with hundreds of staff and clients on the strategic quality system and find that this method brings quality to life. To many, quality is seen as the Quality Manager's responsibility.  The Quality System Roadmap demonstrates everyone’s specific responsibility for great care, every person, every time.

Helen Woods

National Clinical Governance & Compliance Manager

Regis Aged Care

 Found it easy to follow - the information  was  presented in a practical and logical way.   Cathy’s enthusiasm and passion is infectious.

Anyone  involved in designing or rolling out a clinical governance framework in a health related industry – with the vision of improving care - would benefit from this course.

Cathy Jones

National Director, Clinical Governance


Many organisations are pretty good at quality and safety compliance tasks – but are heartily sick of them, and wonder “is that all there is?” Here is a super opportunity to make quality and safety leadership more inspirational for staff and consumers alike - and this course will help you deliver that.


The QSR Course would be extremely useful for Board members, CEOs, Directors of Nursing, Quality Managers, and middle managers - and particularly useful for members of an organisation’s Quality Committee.


Will O'Sullivan 

Manager Quality Systems & Clinical Risk

Western Health

The Quality System Roadmap is an excellent resource for organisations and individuals striving to provide great care. It emphasises the role that all members of a health organisation play in achieving this, from the patient to board level. The Roadmap provides a strategic framework to guide quality care for every person, every time."


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NOTE: Great care for every person, every time, is a challenge to achieve in the complexity of health, aged and human services.   QSR is a proven system when implemented with commitment and persistence, and it is important to note that your success will depend on the way the information is applied.

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